Regular Doctor checkup checklist

Regular Doctor checkup checklist

Unfortunately, maintaining a good health isn’t totally guaranteed by a well-balanced diet and being physically active, as many diseases are also due to heredity and others due to the environment you live in. Therefore it is of high importance to have regular doctor checkups, few examinations, and screening programs.

Many chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent, due to several uncontrollable factors. Therefore, it is very crucial to perform on time the tests requested by your physician, especially if you have family history of chronic diseases.

The following is a detailed checklist of the most important checkups that should be performed yearly or more based on your doctor’s decision:

  • Bone density test: this test can help detect early signs of osteoporosis and risk of fractures
  • Height and weight: in order to compare to previous years. This way you can spot any difference whether beneficial or alarming. Any weight gain or height loss suggest the presence of a health problem
  • Lipid profile a blood test of your cholesterol and triglycerides levels are important indicators for your heart health
  • Blood pressure: even at young age, screening for blood pressure is essential as hypertension is a silent disease with often no symptoms
  • Blood sugar: testing your fasting blood glucose can help detect early signs of diabetes. If identified at early stages, the condition can be reversible
  • Eyes checkup: if you have an inborn vision problem, regular checkups can help you identify the stability of the disease. If you experiencing vision difficulties as you age, doctors can help manage the problem
  • Dental checkup: in order to protect your teeth from dental carries, as early detection can be manageable without damaging the teeth and having to remove them
  • Urine test: if you have a history of diabetes, bacterial or fungal infection or even kidney problems, urine test performance is fundamental
  • Bowel cancer: colonoscopy screening is required as unfortunately colon cancer is becoming more and more common
  • Heart and lungs exam:your doctor can detect any irregular heart beat or abnormal breath sounds using a stethoscope before asking for more digital exams
  • Men- Prostate Cancer: digital exams should be performed to detect as early as possible any signs of prostate enlargement
  • Women- Breast and Pelvic tests and Pap smear: as breast and cervical cancer are being more prevalent, it is very important do identify any change the soonest to save your life
  • Reviewing your vaccines and the medications you are taking: you doctor might want to change the dosage of the medications you are taking, or recommend new treatment or new vaccines