Fad Diets

Fad diets

Are you wondering which weight loss program is easier for you and suits you better? Did you got confused when you heard that your neighbor lost around 10 kg in 2 weeks; or your friend got a weight loss program from the internet and lost 8 kg in 10 days; or while you have read in a magazine few tips on how to lose weight quickly without suffering?

Well most of those diets are called “fad diets” and they are not worth trying. Before getting tempted and choosing your preferred diet program, learn how to differentiate between a “good diet” and a “bad diet”.

“Fad diets” are diet programs that are not scientifically based, and that can pose serious health risks on the long term. These are weight loss programs that promise you fast results in a short period of time with little or no effort. However, keep in mind that those types of regimen, promote only short term weight loss and that once you get back to your normal eating habits, you will probably gain back double the weight lost. Moreover, “fad diets” are very low in calories and nutrients; therefore they can lead to many severe illnesses such as anemia, nutritional deficiencies, migraine, altered metabolism, hair loss, weakened muscles, loss of menstrual cycle, and many others.

Below is a list of the most popular fad diets that you should be avoiding;

  • High protein diets; by exceeding the amount of protein your body needs daily, you are putting a strain on your liver and kidneys
  • Liquid diets; are diets that consist of consuming only liquid shake with minimal food consumption. These shakes might be high in some nutrients while low in other essential nutrients
  • Low carbohydrates-high fat diets; are diets that cause irritability, migraine and heart disease. With such diets, you will be missing a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Blood type diets; a diet that urges you to only eat the foods suited for your blood type. This kind of diet was not scientifically proven to have benefits; it showed instead that it contributes to many health risks
  • Cabbage soup diet; the early weight lost with this diet is usually due to water loss, not fat loss
  • Many others

Briefly, any diet that eliminates a food group from your program, or emphasizes on eating a certain category of foods, and promises you quick weight loss is considered a “fad diet”.

Only a well-balanced diet along with regular physical activity is the key to successful and sustainable weight loss. A “good diet” is the diet that helps keep the weight lost, promotes your health and assists in achieving a healthy lifestyle.