Organic Foods

Organic foods

Organic foods are foods that were not grown using genetically engineered technologies, radiation and not supplemented with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives or synthetic food enhancers.

Organic farming practices are designed to grow agricultural foods or animals through water and soil quality conservation and reducing pollution. Animals are grown outdoors without being given antibiotics or growth hormones, and only natural fertilizers are used to feed soil and plants and crops rotation is encouraged.

Are you wondering if they are more nutritious and safer than conventionally grown foods? This is no scientifically clear answer yet. Some researchers consider that there is no difference, while others believe that organic foods contain more cancer fighting agents.

Well, why do some people prefer organic foods? Probably for many varied reasons. Some might choose organic varieties because of intolerances to additives or preservatives, others to reduce their exposures to pesticides, and others as well to help in saving the environment. Furthermore, few people claim that organic foods are tastier.