Health & Wellness

Staying healthy isn’t just about strict nutritional philosophies, or depriving yourself from your favourite foods. Rather, it is a shift in mindset and lifestyle.

By learning some basic concepts about food and nutrition, you will be able to achieve a healthier eating pattern for you and your family.

Basics of Nutrition

By understanding the basics of good nutrition, you will be able to make better choices.

Essentiel Nutrients

The human body requires six essential nutrients that are found in food.

Physical Activity

Choose activities that you enjoy and can do regularly. Fitting activities into a daily routine can be easy.

Health Calculators

Calculate your Ideal Body Weight (IBW) and your Body Mass Index (BMI) to find out if you have a healthy weight. You can also calculate your total caloric requirements per day to maintain your body's normal metabolic activity and your weight.

Avoiding certain diseases

There are few chronic diseases that can be prevented by just improving your everyday choices and your personal health habits. if you are concerned about your health, here are few tips on how to improve your overall quality of life.

Food Labels

All packaged foods should come with a nutrition label to provide you with the necessary information that elucidates the details of what you are eating.

Healthy life

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Kids Nutrition

Tips for picky eater kid, Nutritious Lunchbox and unhealthy snacks for your kids