Vision and Values

Mission & Purpose

To provide tasty nutritious food bringing health and happiness to consumers, creating value for our people, shareholders and communities.

Values & Principles


Create a culture and environment that inspires people to grow, develop and be successful

  1. Caring: Understand the needs and aspirations of others and enable them to achieve their full potential. Respect each other and value diversity.
  2. Growing: Train and develop people to perform at their best.
  3. Motivating: Promote fairness, recognition and reward.
  4. Inspiring: Stimulate people to want to create something better.
  5. Enjoying: Create a safe, pleasurable, harmonious working environment and promote work life balance.


Take ownership and responsibility for our own actions

  1. Integrity: Be honest, straightforward, factual and always try to do the right thing. Respect laws, business rules, community well-being & the environment.
  2. Discipline: Take freedom within a framework. Set expectations, responsibilities & authorities of each team member.
  3. Ownership: Act like an owner to create sustainable value.
  4. Commitment: Keep promises, follow through and deliver challenging objectives. Behave with company’s long-term success in mind.


Have the courage to envision and shape a better future

  1. Envisioning: Paint a picture of a better future.
  2. Passion: Bring positive energy and enthusiasm to win. Be committed in your heart and mind.
  3. Empowering: Help others to engage, contribute, eliminate barriers and deliver our strategies.
  4. Perseverance: Go for it, be determined to succeed. Follow through tasks to the end. 


Achieving the best in class results. Excellence is a mindset resulting from high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution

  1. Consumer Focus: Only do and ask for work that adds value to win consumers’ trust and satisfaction through superior understanding of their needs.
  2.  Precision: Be accurate and pay attention to details by doing what matters most for consumers.
  3. Agility: Benchmark performance rigorously and learn from successes & failures and intelligently adapt to overcome the business challenges.
  4.  Innovation: Be open to new ideas, foster individual, team creativity & challenge current ways of working.
  5. Kaizen: Continuously improve processes, systems and products. Simplify, standardize & streamline work. Grasp problems & address root causes. 


Working together to create greater value 

  1. Trust: Have confidence in partners and believe in their abilities. Be transparent and work with openness.
  2. Teamwork: Take joint ownership & accountability both internally and externally to resolve problems & unlock potential. Back-up partners & support them to succeed.
  3. Win-Win: Work with a shared commitment to achieve common objective.
  4. Coordination: Communicate and align to always be synchronized.
  5. Leveraging expertise: Combine know-how openly & promote knowledge based organization. Work faster and smarter harnessing the power of many.