NADEC Employees

NADEC employees - the key to our success

NADEC‘s employees are vital to its current and future success and are a number one priority. The company can achieve its long-term goals only with the help of passionate, committed and motivated individuals who see themselves as partners and entrepreneurs. Human resources is therefore accorded a high strategic importance at NADEC.

Middle East & North Africa growth as a cultural challenge

The NADEC Group has been working with a selection of subsidiaries and distributors for several years. The employees of these companies have been included in a similar way to NADEC‘s Saudi workforce in the implementation of the NADEC values. It is important to take into account the culture and customs of the different countries. While the values intended to guide our employees are the same regionally, they are implemented in subtly different ways depending on the cultural context – explicitly also in the interpretation of values for management.

Keeping complexity under control

Complexity is a major cost driver within a company. This applies not only to the production process and product range, but also to HR processes, which is why the same HR tools are used group-wide wherever possible. These tools support managerial staff in their HR work, and facilitate the establishment and professionalisation of group-wide HR processes.

Experiences show that valuable developments can be initiated with a standardised group-wide competence analysis tool, with slight modifications for language and process design being made by the country subsidiaries where appropriate. Other tools such as line manager feedback call for considerable sensitivity when implemented globally, and must be adapted to suit local circumstances in order to achieve the desired result. The group is taking this into account by introducing the tool to each country in turn, with experiences being integrated directly into the process on an on-going basis.

The right person in the right place

As one of the largest vertically integrated companies in the world, NADEC needs a wide range of personnel skills. Employees at NADEC in the region alone represent more than 100 different professions. Recruiting the appropriate individuals at all levels is a major challenge, which is why internal personnel development is accorded high strategic importance.

NADEC Training Academy – Motivating, developing, retaining talent

Professional training is the foundation for future-oriented personnel development. It secures the necessary knowledge and skills for the future.

Our business is people intensive. Given the scarcity of skilled personnel in the area of milk production and processing, both nationally and internationally, NADEC invests a great deal in providing world class training, working hand-in-hand with our 40 plus leading suppliers such as Delaval, GEA, SPX, Tetra Pak, Combibloc, Serac, Grey, Mediacom and TNS, just to name only a few.

Together with our partners, the NADEC Training Academy was created, the first of its kind in the region, offering leading edge management, behavioural and technical competencies in all aspects of the dairy business.

Also, NADEC invests a great deal in providing first-class apprenticeship training. Thanks to these efforts, many apprentices successfully complete their final examinations and remain with the company, embarking on a career, which will undoubtedly prove to be rewarding for both them and the company.

In addition to apprentice training, NADEC offers a trainee programme for university graduates looking for a structured introduction to the world of dairy consumer goods.

Supporting employee development

NADEC offers all employees a broad range of development opportunities. At employee-level, the emphasis is on professional training, while internal interdisciplinary training focuses on working practices and the sharing of knowledge in the workplace. In addition, NADEC also supports with external training courses.

Developing a professional management culture

At NADEC, "We are continually developing!" applies particularly to managers, who not only function as role models but also face particular challenges in terms of the operational implementation of the strategic pillars, above all the constantly increasing internationalisation of the company.

For NADEC, professional management stands for clear goal orientation, an overall emphasis on satisfaction and comprehensive skills development. This means that managers ensure that their employees use the cycle of goal setting, reviewing and controlling as a point of orientation, that they apply the concept of participation in everyday work and that they communicate transparently. However, managers are also required to nurture their employees' strengths in the workplace and to initiate and supervise their development in such a way that they obtain the skills to meet not only current but also future requirements.

NADEC‘s managers are supported in their work by a tailored selection of HR management tools such as performance evaluation and objective-setting templates. Management skills are also strengthened through practice-oriented course modules.

Securing the company's future

NADEC has systematically defined central areas of competence known as "key positions" for the group. The development of key individuals, succession planning for key positions and the careful development of individuals with potential for such positions helps to structure the organisation in line with its strategy over the medium and long term.

NADEC‘s succession planning is intended to do more than cover the additional personnel requirements for key positions. it also aims to maintain the motivation and commitment of managers and to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial core competencies. This systematic approach to talent development at management level has already proven successful, with some of the new positions having been recruited internally.

Improving NADEC’s perception as an employer

In order to ensure the best possible opportunities in the employment market, NADEC aims to increase its profile among potential employees in the future. The company benefits from strong products in different sectors, which makes it attractive to current and potential employees in functions such as marketing, sales and business development. Numerous measures implemented in the area of HR have significantly increased NADEC’s professionalism as an employer in recent years and the aim is to convey this more clearly to the outside world. The first step towards reinforcing NADEC‘s position as an employer of choice was already both visible and tangible in 2012 and 2013.