MD Message

At NADEC, we are proud of our long history of quality, taste and solid performance. It’s all down to our culture of co-operation, commitment and quality.

NADEC has deep roots in the culture and commerce in Saudi Arabia, as well as the Middle East & North African region. We are one of the largest integrated dairy farms in the world, but we focus on local communities and customers. In many countries outside Saudi Arabia, we have deep roots as well. Our farms, factories, initiatives and products have long been a part of the fabric of daily life.

Our name reflects our rich history. NADEC started in 1981 in Haradh, located in the east of Riyadh, known for its water resources as well as prime conditions for forage crops, animal health and food production. Over the years, NADEC has evolved and has always been on the leading edge of innovation and quality. Today, the nadec name, and many of its other brands, are known all over the Middle East & North Africa.

NADEC plays an important role in providing food for hundreds of millions of people all over the Middle East & North Africa on a daily basis. NADEC’s products include dairy-based beverages, cheese, butter, cream, desserts, functional dairy-based ingredients, juices and agricultural produce.

NADEC provides the tastiest, finest and healthiest nutritional products. Because it is a 100% integrated model, NADEC controls the entire production chain from raw milk to distribution. As a result, NADEC can vouch for the quality of its products.

NADEC’s ambition is to offer people essential nutrients with natural dairy products and, at the same time, to be the most attractive dairy company in the Middle East & North Africa.

Eng. Abdulaziz M. Al-Babtain

Managing Director NADEC GROUP