NADEC provides the finest and healthiest nutritional products through two key businesses – NADEC Foods for consumer products and NADEC Agriculture for agricultural produce.

Placing family health and well-being at the heart of every endeavour, NADEC is committed to quality excellence, constantly evolving to satisfy the growing demands of its consumers, offering more than 100 products from fresh milk to laban, from yoghurt to cheese, and a wide range of fruit juices in convenient formats to address different occasions and consumer needs. Today NADEC is one of the leading foods, dairy and beverage companies in the region.

The success of the business has been underpinned by many things including the best people, processes and technology. However, there are some key projects in its history which have helped to support the vision and objectives of both the Government and the Board, which includes the following:

NADEC City in Haradh

A mere 250km southeast of Riyadh, NADEC City is one of the company’s most important sites covering an area of 37,500 hectares. Besides dairy factories and cattle farms, it produces potatoes, wheat, clover, Shami corn, Sudanese hashish, and Rhodes grass – cultivated as essential fodder to meet the needs of cattle farms.

Protected homes cover an estimated area of 12.5 hectares, out of which over 500 homes are built on an overall area of 7.5 hectares. Additionally, 10 air-conditioned fibreglass houses of 5,000 m2 cover an approximate area of 5 hectares. The project also cultivates thousands of palm trees.

Wadi Al-Dawasser

Located 650km southwest of Riyadh, this project covers an area of 40,000 hectares. NADEC’s Wadi Al-Dawasser project is known for the cultivation of agricultural crops, such as wheat, corn, fodder, and vegetables including potatoes, onions and tomatoes.


Situated 580km southwest of Riyadh, NADEC’s Hail project is one of the company’s most important projects, encompassing an area of 20,000 fully cultivated hectares. The project is known for the production of wheat, corn and fodder, as well as the processing centre for potatoes, onions, honey and tomatoes. It also includes one of the largest seed treatment plants in the Kingdom, and is the station for fattening calves.

Al Jouf

Set 1,250km north of Riyadh, NADEC’s Al Jouf project includes an area of 72,000 hectares. Its location offers the appropriate climate for the cultivation of fruit trees such as peaches, plums and apricots, in addition to the cultivation of olives for the production of olive oil. This project is also home to nursery seedlings, as well as wheat, potatoes and onions.