About Juice

Nadec juices – From field to fridge

A pioneer and innovator, NADEC was the first to launch healthy fresh juices in the KSA and the GCC.

Even though the Kingdom does not have the variety and abundance of fruits required to be processed in a large scale, NADEC has taken great care and effort to source the very best fruit and juices from around the world. Through our partnership with leading international suppliers, we aim to meet the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements.

A cut above the rest

Each fruit has its own unique taste and health-boosting properties. That’s why we store all juices sourced in specially designed facilities at the right temperature to sustain their natural goodness. Stringent tests are carried out throughout the process, from the factory to the shops, to ensure the highest quality product reaches our consumers.

Nadec juices are

Natural and preservative free.
Thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.
Fortified with key vitamins to reduce oxidation of nutritional ingredients.
Pasteurised to eliminate harmful bacteria while keeping the goodness of the fruit juice.
Tested and stored in temperature controlled buildings and trucks for delivery.