Nadec Agri

Nadec currently conducts 4 agricultural projects in the Kingdom regions (Ad-Dawasir, Haradh, Hail, Al-Jawf), stretching over a total area of 107,000 hectares. Below are some of Nadec achievements in the agricultural sector for the year 2013.


1- Potato:

Nadec is considered one of the main producers of processed potatoes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. It is also known for producing excellent, fresh potatoes year-round, in the required varieties and specifications varieties; its share of the processed potato market in KSA amounts to 60%.

In 2013, Nadec produced 80,000 tons of processed potatoes across its various projects. It also produces seeds to satisfy its project requirements. Nadec production projects are fitted with sorting and grading machines to reduce the cost, increase the production quality and expand the customer’s supply chain.

2- Onion

The quantities of onion produced across Nadec projects exceeded 16,000 tons of the different marketable onion varieties. With year-round production of fresh onions, Nadec satisfies a large share of the local market needs.