Nadec Agri

Nadec currently conducts 4 agricultural projects in the Kingdom regions (Ad-Dawasir, Haradh, Hail, Al-Jawf), stretching over a total area of 107,000 hectares. Below are some of Nadec achievements in the agricultural sector for the year 2013.

Agricultural Production


The total area of wheat-grown lands totaled 9,500 hectares for the year 2013. The production associated with this grown area amounted to 70,000 tons of crops, with a production rate exceeding 7 tons per hectare. 1,200 tons of wheat seeds were also produced.


The production of maize for this year amounted to 17,000 tons, with a productivity average of 11.5 tons per hectare, which was sufficient to fulfill the needs of dairy farming and provide a surplus for sale.